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15 November 2005 @ 08:50 pm
Poem sharing  
Plathian (atleast to me) poetry

Why Shouldn't I
by me

death looms above like thunder
in and out it rolls over
taking my body in waves
and i let it
wondering when i cry
for hours why there is no one
so why shouldn't i
just die as it seems
there is nothing to keep me alive
i ask where they have gone
while my hair falls thin
and my bones cut through
why did i depend on you
seeing me through is not of the blind
all they do is leave me behind
so why shouldn't i just die
for my screams go unheard
of blurred reality shaking me down
to rattle me out of skins
so i lay and i lie
and i ask myself why
or if
they will wish to rewind
so why shouldn't i